UPCOMING EVENTS November-24-2015
November 24  7th-8th GBB@home-Albers/Damiansville 24  7th-8th BBB@Albers/Damiansville 25-29  Thanksgiving Break 28  Breese Lights Christmas Parade-6pm 30  5th-6th BBB@Albers/Damiansville December

1  7th-8th BBB@home-St.Rose 1  7th-8th GBB@St.Rose 2  5th-6th BBB @Home-St. Rose 3  7th-8th BBB@home-Bartelso 3  7th-8th GBB@Bartelso 4  Santa's Kottage-k-4 4  7th GBB Carlyle Tourney@Carlyle
Stocking Stuffers November-17-2015
Order forms for stocking stuffers went home with your child on Friday, November 13th. You may find colored forms online on District 12’s Facebook page and the school’s website. To make sure that the order will be in before winter break begins no late orders will be accepted. All forms must be turned into the office on Friday, November 20th.